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Need to Book Your Custom Shade Appointment?

Has your Doctor referred you to our lab for a Custom Shade Selection Appointment? Read all about what to expect, and reach out today to book your appointment!

The appointment is fast and easy! The lab bills the doctor direct, meaning no out of pocket expense for the visit.

When blends and shades are highly characterized and difficult to explain on a lab script, your doctor will send you (the patient) to our lab to meet with a technician for a custom shade. When you arrive for your appointment, you will be taken to the Ceramic Department, and sit with Karen, our Head Ceramist. Here you will sit for about ten minutes as Karen matches shade tabs to your current smile to get the best custom shade possible!

Appointments for custom shade matching are scheduled Monday-Friday, 10AM - 6PM.

Use the form below to inquire about an appointment, or call today, whichever is easier for you! We return your message promptly and confirm your appointment.


2800 Spencerport Road, Suite A1
Spencerport, NY 14559
(585) 352-9811


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