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Case Guidelines

In order to better serve you, and to sustain the level of quality you have all come to expect and respect from Arieno, ADL stands by a set of guidelines we would like to share with you.


We understand guidelines can be challenging to meet, however, we are sure these guidelines will enable us to produce the best products for you and your patients, reduce chair time, and avoid costly mistakes.


If you have any questions or concerns about the details or information, please reach out to us via phone or email.

The Guidelines

  1. BITES: We request that all cases (not sent digitally) include a bite, preferably where the patient is sitting upright, in a relaxed position.

    For cases sent to us digitally, we would prefer cases include a bite when the case includes multiple units, the case is difficult, and/or for cases including distal extensions.

    Providing a bite registration to the lab will enable us to create a better quality product, as well as reduce the “on-hold” times for cases waiting for answers to questions, that could be answered by having a bite provided.


  2. FULL ARCH IMPRESSIONS: We request that a full arch impression, for any and all anterior cases (partial arch impression where appropriate), be sent to the lab.

    Providing Arieno with a full arch will enable us to create proper contour and function for your patient.


  3. STUDY MODELS: For large anterior and/or difficult multi-unit cases, we request Study Models be sent.

  4. DISTORTED MODELS: When cases are being returned due to distorted models, our in house lead-time will restart (or be adjusted accordingly) once the lab receives the corrected models.

    If the decision is made to use the distorted model, and the case needs to be remade, it will be charged accordingly.


Lead Times & Delivery


•    10 Work DAYS (not including pick up days, delivery days, or holidays) for all Ceramic and PFM cases
•    15 Work DAYS (
not including pick up days, delivery days, or holidays) for all Implants
•    More time may be requested for highly aesthetic, or multi-unit cases
•    We are always happy to accommodate shorter lead times for cases, please call the office to discuss. 


For your convenience, we offer FREE local pick-up and delivery in the greater Rochester, NY area.


Outside our area? We ship UPS®, using your account or ours, whatever works best for you!

Please call for pricing:
(585) 352-9811 or (800)724-7482

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